May I only charge R 50 per child?

No, you can charge whatever you decide.

How long is the lessons?

2 to 3 year old, not longer than 10 minutes, 4 year old, not longer than 15 minutes, 5 and 6 year old, not longer than 20 minutes.

Can I take more than 4 toddlers per time?

Rather not. Personal attention important.

How does lessons work?

Teacher class A takes 4 children on . Monday  08h30 for 20 minutes.

Teacher  class B takes 4 children on Monday 08h50 for 20 minutes etc...

Teacher class A takes FOLLOWING 4 children Tuesday 08h30 for 20 minutes.

Teacher class B takes FOLLOWING 4 children Tuesday 08h50 for 20 minutes etc.


Teacher class A takes 4 children lesson 1,  followed by  next 4 children lesson 2 etc.


employ sports teacher that only do this program.

Can "cage" stay outdoors?

Yes, floor is industrial plastic UV resistant, poles is galvanised steel, net is nylon.

Can I move the cage around?

Yes, if it rains on the porch, in the shade, when cold in the sun. Preferable on concrete, can be on grass, grass will not die.

Use as marketing tool. Take to local supermarket on Saturday morning, put banner of school on "cage", display all sports equipment inside cage. Explain to parents this is your motor skill development program. Great opportunity for direct marketing.

Do we need training?

No, included a DVD with video clips of all different ages, with different sports.

Teacher click on age of her class, click on the sports for  the day, short video clip will play.

Remember this is NOT coaching, it is a tool to help the toddler to develop different skills.

Suggest you do a sport for at least 3 weeks before moving on to the next sport.

What happens if sport equipment breaks?

Phd 4 toddlers will replace it free of charge, you only have to pay delivery cost.

What must I do now?

Complete the contract. Sign and initial very page.

Complete the debit order form.

Scan and email.

NO EFT payments are accepted, only by debit order.

The school's equipment will only be ordered, by the receiving of the signed contract AND debit order form.