Monthly school fee of ONE pupil . Eg. Your nursery school charges R1200 -00 per month per child, your fee  will be R1200-00 per month for 36 months.

There is a minimum fee payable of R1000 per month.


The school receives on signing the contract:

A cage: 6mX2mX2m as seen on information page 


Phd 4 toddlers vision is to fight obesity, the misuse of drugs, smoking and drinking in childrens lifes, through the developing of motor skills using sports as a tool. The first 7 years of a toddlers life determines his lifestyle. Using sports leads to a healthy lifestyle and mind.

Phd 4 toddlers mission is the availability of this program  to ALL toddlers at nursery schools with NO extra cost for parents.

Sport is an amazing tool to develop children`s life skills

Some of the life skills that are developed using phd 4 toddlers.

Sports Information

  • Tennis
  • Ten pin bowling
  • Rugby
  • Cricket
  • Bowls
  • Baseball
  • Golf
  • Putting
  • Soccer

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Contact Person: Andr√© Cillie
Mobile no: 082 777 2788

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